“TAS program is essentially about providing a diverse set of experiences to an eclectic bunch of people. This is not just in terms of the range of companies to work with. Personally, I have gotten an opportunity to work across four different profiles in multiple geographies so far, which has been truly enriching.”


Tata Motors

TAS 2011 (IIM, Bangalore)

“On a personal level, I have benefitted and learnt significantly from the TAS program and from the TAS managers – both senior and junior – that I have had an opportunity to interact with over the last five years. It has been a challenging and fulfilling journey for me.”


Tata Services Limited

TAS 2012 (XLRI, Jamshedpur)

“TAS is a platform that allows one to make incisive decisions. The mere spectrum of choice is so magnetising that it automatically allows the TAS manager to structure a lifelong partnership with the Tata Group. All in all, TAS provides the tools and the right setting for empowering an individual’s growth.”


Tata Communications Limited

TAS 2013 (SPJIMR, Mumbai)


Abhishek Aggarwal

IIM Ahmedabad

Abhishek loosens up when he is around friends and is actually quite the talkative guy! A combination of Robert Langdon and Sirius Black, he wants to one day write a book. His dream to emerge as a business leader may just give him ideas on his future book.

Adharsh Gukan

IIM Ahmedabad

Harvey Specter from Suits is cool and logical when it comes to work, is self motivated, caring towards his friends, family and team - So is Adharsh! With diverse dreams and the drive to match it, that includes a road trip from Kanyakumari to Kashmir, he hopes to directly work with the Executives and the C-Suite.

Aditi Ramchandra

SPJIMR, Mumbai

Aditi is a big Meredith Grey fan and sees herself as an "organised chaos" of a person - an oxymoron that makes her all the more interesting! With an aim to debunk the glass ceiling and dreams to go skydiving, she sees TAS as an opportunity to lead to a transformation of self.

Advitya Verma

SPJIMR, Mumbai

Advitya identifies with none other than Sherlock Holmes. He can be resilient in tough situations and has dreams of skydiving, catching a cricket match at Lords and hopes to learn from the best at TAS to become a socially responsible leader.

Amitrajit Chakrabarti

IIM Calcutta

We hope to see the Watson in Amitrajit at TAS, who would like an enriching TATA experience that challenges him to become a better person and professional. An aspiring sitar player who can play 3 other instruments, he also has dreams to start his own classical fusion band.

Anant Agrawal

IIM, Bangalore

Anant is a true Jack Sparrow! Subtle, witty, shrewd, always goal oriented and with a never give up attitude. All the traits for a perfect fit at TAS! He has big dreams to hike the Grand Canyon, fly a hot air balloon over Cappadocia and learn to play an instrument.

Anjali Priya

IIM Kozhikode

Anjali has quite the adventurous streak in her! With dreams of travelling the world and flyboarding we are sure she will have a lifetime of stories to put into that book she would like to write someday. At TAS she looks forward to working in diverse roles and learning from the best minds in the industry.

Chaganty Shailaja

XLRI, Jamshedpur

Sweet toothed Shailaja compares herself to Homer Simpson but with dreams to visit Iceland, play the violin and run a marathon. She looks forward to an exhilarating journey at TAS where she can learn, grow and also make an impact.

Divya Saroja Chayanam

XLRI, Jamshedpur

Divya likens herself to the character Eowyn from Lord of the Rings. With a bucketlist of unique dreams that include wanting to sing for a 100 random strangers in an unfamiliar place, we sure think she will enjoy the challenges at TAS!

Harish Mahadasu

IIM Ahmedabad

Harish likens himself to none other than the Godfather himself - Micheal Corleone! While he can be very diplomatic he also wants to make great friends and have lots of fun at TAS. He also wants thought provoking challenges, inspiring mentors and an exhilarating work experience.

Kunal Chhabaria

FMS, Delhi

A true lover of driving, Kunal identifies with Dominic Toretto from The Fast and the Furious movies. Although to get a one up on his icon, he wants to learn to fly a plane too! At TAS he looks forward to challenging targets with guidance to achieve them.

Lavanya Thota

IIM Kozhikode

A true embodiment of Phoebe Buffay, Lavanya has a secret happy dance. We're hoping she uses it when she gets to adopt that dog she's always wanted, or learn Krav Maga. Or maybe also for her stint at TAS, where she can build a strong career for herself and also partake in our CSR initiatives.

Meghna Dhankhar

TISS, Mumbai

Meghna is a big fan of Pani Puri and Kate Beckett. Seeing the Aurora Borealis and go on a spa getaway with her mom are just some of her dreams alongside a constant learning experience and business exposure at TAS.

Neha Ingole

TISS, Mumbai

Neha, an ardent Pav Bhaji fan, wants to visit Santorini to catch the glorious sunsets, check out the Harry Potter sets and learn Japanese. She also wants to hone her skills and learn the secrets to the "Tata way" of business and life while becoming a better human being.

Nidhasha Jose

XLRI, Jamshedpur

Nidasha is a self confessed chai addict who wants to do a bunch of wild things including surfing at the bio-luminescent beaches of Maldives and hitchhiking to offbeat destinations! While it may not get that wild at TAS, she still looks forward to a place with great opportunities and mentorship that will help her along on the learning and growth paths.

Nikita Kamtekar

TISS, Mumbai

Nitika sees a bit of Teresa Lisbon in herself especially her integrity and work ethic. Very self disciplined, she never stays up past midnight (not even on weekends!). She wishes to learn, grow and contribute meaningfully to the TATA Group.

Nilambari Rathi


Nilambari loves the Minions. She is also great at keeping secrets! A clear fan of reality shows let's hope the TAS life qualifies for just as exciting an experience.

Nishkal Chowdary Koganti

IIM Kozhikode

On the outside Nishkal may look like a super studious and serious individual, but under all of that he believes he is really a kid at heart with a really big dreams! He is eager to grow professionally and personally and is willing to allow TAS push him beyond his comfort zone by providing diverse opportunities.

P V Gouri

IIM Calcutta

Gouri sees herself in Bernadette from the Big Bang Theory. She stays away from the mainstream and her bucket list includes camping under the Northern Lights and skydiving on the Palm Jumeirah Islands. At TAS too she would like to have exciting learning adventures and challenges that push her to be her best.

Poulomi Pramanik

SPJIMR, Mumbai

Poulomi is fun loving just like the King Fu Panda but also has a hidden emotional side to her. Her dreams include a Euro trip, and Everest Base Camp Trek and to learn the piano. She wants challenging assignments that bring out her best and wants to leave with a bag full of memories!

Pranav Aggarwal

FMS, Delhi

Ross Geller and Pranav have quite a lot in common! They both care about their friends, are a bit shy and have a drive and passion for their work. He hopes to engage in diverse and impactful projects at TAS.

Ratika Garg

TISS, Mumbai

Ratika sees herself being similar to Phoebe Buffay. She loves making memes and if her humour is anything to go by, her meme game must be quite strong! She looks forward to a scintillating learning experience filled with challenges, opportunites and laughter.

Ravikiran Yerrapragada

IIM Ahmedabad

Ravikiran is a big fan of unlimited pizza buffets looking for enriching learning experience to learn the "Tata way" of doing business.

Shanmugam R K

IIM Ahmedabad

Shanmugam like Atticus Finch believes in doing work that has a long term social impact. He wants to write a novel on the dichotomies of life, go on adventures to Bhutan, Vietnam & the North East.

Shreya Agrawal

XLRI, Jamshedpur

Seeing a bit of Monica Geller in herself, Shreya loves to be the designated person in charge at meals out with her friends. She takes pride in making sure everyone eats well and enjoys themselves! It is this nature that will set her apart at TAS where she hopes to perpetually be inspired by her Tata seniors and peers.

Sucheta Gupta

IIM Lucknow

Sucheta's superpower is being able to remain calm and composed in stressful situations while also having the ability to stress out over small details. Describing herself of having the same traits as Hermione Granger, she hopes TAS can give her platform to make a difference in society.

Vandita Joshi

XLRI, Jamshedpur

Vandita identifies with Elizabeth McCord from the show 'Madam Secretary. She wants to do an Amazon safari, transform an entire village for the better and be published. We think she would have plenty of stories to tell! And perhaps her time at TAS will give her more to write about!

Vibhu Modi

IIM Ahmedabad

Vibhu sees herself as an interesting combination of Gatsby and Po (from the Kung Fu Panda). He is an open book who wants to Space Walk, lead a firm and open a school and hospital for children.


The TAS Final Recruitment process commences in December 2018.

Since we recruit candidates from select B-schools, only students from these campuses can apply for the TAS program.

We’re looking for bright minds, with or without work experience.

Get in touch with your placement advisory team to know when we’re visiting your campus! You can also ask them about our eligibility criteria.

Sounds interesting? then why wait? New adventures and exciting opportunities await you at TAS.