“The most alluring aspect of TAS is the sheer width and scope of opportunities available. Here, I’ve laid the foundation stone of a company in the field of data and analytics- Tata iQ. Today, as I work on harnessing the power of group-wide loyalty and projecting a holistic customer view across multiple companies, the experience is nothing short of rewarding.”


Tata Insights and Quants, TAS 2014

“TAS has helped me in learning specific principles and practices to navigate a rapidly changing business landscape with emphasis on sustainable value creation and giving back to the society. It has been an exhilarating journey and an experience to savour!!!”


Titan Company, TAS 2013


Aradhana Lahiri

Tata Motors Limited

Aradhana is a hard worker who parties harder! Comparing herself to Jessica Pearson from Suits, she wants to learn to ride a motorcycle, travel across India and sky dive. She is quite excited about having an adventure at TAS too - by riding the wave of Disruptive Technology while also positively impacting society and the economy.

Gagandeep Pahwa

Tata Motors Limited

Another fan of Suits - Gagandeep is a lot like Mike Ross. He loves to sing and wants to visit 50 countries, become a PADI certified open water diver and also a trained classical vocalist. That's not all - he is eager to learn and contribute at TAS.

Lohit K N


Lohit has the same sarcastic wit as Chandler and relates more with the Dark Side from the Star Wars saga. As dark as it may sound, he does have fun passions! He wants to learn to scuba dive, solo sky dive and go on a road trip across Europe. At TAS, he wishes to hone his business skills while creating value to society.

Tanvi Seth

Tata Capital Limited

Rachel Zane is who Tanvi sees herself being similar to. With dreams to travel all seven continents, she wants to one day inspire young minds by giving her own TED talk. At TAS, she looks for opportunity to drive innovation and growth across the Tata Group.


Nature of Employment : TAS In-house is open only to employees on permanent rolls of Tata Group companies and Tata Joint Venture companies (excluding employees on JV partner rolls).

Minimum Educational Qualification : A Bachelor’s degree in any discipline is mandatory.

Minimum Service within the Group : As on 1st April 2018, applicants should have minimum 2 years of current continuous service in the Group. As an exception, all Management Trainees / Graduate Engineer Trainees / employees of other structured group programmes who have joined the group on or before 15th September 2016, will be eligible for TAS In-house 2018.

Maximum Work Experience : As on 1st April 2018, applicants to have total professional work experience post the Bachelor’s degree, of not more than 6 years, of which at least 2 years should be continuous service in the Tata Group on permanent rolls, as stated in the first and third point above.

For the computation of the balance work experience, if any, Full-time, Permanent, Part-time, Temporary, Consultant, Retainership assignments / employment will be considered. Short term project internships will not be considered as work experience.

Performance Management Cycle : Employees should have undergone minimum 2 continuous appraisal cycles within the Group as on 1st April 2018, with the exception as mentioned in the third point above.

Registration : Interested applicants to register on the TAS website, www.tas-tata.com/tas-inhouse-program.aspx. An applicant can register only once. Applicants with multiple registrations/entries via varying name and GMAT score combinations, will be disqualified for the TAS In-house process.

GMAT : A valid score, for a GMAT test taken after June 2013 is necessary (as a reference point, last year’s GMAT score cut-off was 650). GRE score is not valid for TAS. Applicants should register on the website only once a valid and final GMAT score is secured.

Sabbatical / Long Leave : Applicants currently on sabbatical, study leave, medical leave and leave without pay are eligible to apply for TAS In-house subject to approval from the respective company HR department and provided they are on the rolls of the company and viewed as continuous service. If selected, the applicant will have to join the program on the declared date of commencement.

TBLA Winners : All TBLA (Tata Business Leadership Awards) Finals In-house Winners will get a direct shortlist to the TAS Final Interview round and the 1st & 2nd Runner Ups will get a direct shortlist to the TAS Presentation round, subject to meeting all the TAS In-house 2018 eligibility criteria stated in the points above.

Sounds interesting? then why wait? New adventures and exciting opportunities await you at TAS.